SPIKE Prime CNC Workshop

On 8th of March University of Tartu team met with teachers and did a CNC machinery workshop where teachers built a broken CNC two axle system made by LEGO SPIKE Prime robotics kit. They had to find errors in the machine and fix them. In the end they programmed CNC to print text „FLL“.

Why did we do this?

Skilled people that are able to understand how machinery works and are able to fix robotic arms etc are needed in manufacturing every day. Production lines that do not have this type of people available have to buy in service when for example CNC machine breaks. Did you know that the first CNC was built in the 1940s and it read commands from punched tape?

Punched tape example (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Punched_tape#/media/File:PaperTapes-5and8Hole.jpg)
Teachers listening for Heilo Altin about manufacturing (Photo: Maria Lutsar)
Outcome for a fixed and programmed CNC machine (Photo: Maria Lutsar)
First workshop with Teachers (Photo: Maria Lutsar)